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Stable Host


Recommendation out of 100 points:

95 /100 (-5 points for not having an online chat)

My Point of View:

I’ve been using Stable Host since 2014. Ever since I moved to this hosting company, I have to say that their customer service has been quick and responsive. They respond to tickets usually within 1-2 hours. Tickets never go unanswered for more than 12 hours. They have a listed phone number which I have not needed to use. That said, I would prefer that they implement an online chat function. I would rather chat with someone online rather than pick up the phone and call.

Shared Hosting: Excellent Value

Starts at $4.95/month and allows monthly billing.

VPS Hosting: Good Value

Starts at $9.95/month for unmanaged VPS and $29.95/month for managed VPS with cPanel.


SSL Installation: Easy – Self Installation

In Shared Hosting, Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and Private Keys (RSA) can be self-generated. Certificate (CRT) and Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE) can be self-installed.

Turn On/Off ModSecurity: Self-Managed

In Shared Hosting, modsecurity can be turned off on your own without going through customer service or creating a ticket.

Last Updated: Sept 22, 2016